iTV.js goes public!

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iTV.js goes public!

Posted the 14th of March, 2016 by Peter Hewat.

After many years of reflection, then several months of full time development, I am pleased to announce the public release of the iTV.js Framework.

Who am I?

I am a software engineer with over 12 years of experience in interactive television of which I have specialized roughly half of this time in HTML/CSS/JavaScript R&D. During this time, I have had to find innovative ways to build attractive applications that run on low powered, feature poor STB browsers. This involvement has served me greatly in acquiring extensive knowledge in the intricacies of web applications applied to the TV.

Why iTV.js?

A couple of interesting projects already exist. The most advanced, feature rich and well structured being, in my opinion, TAL. That said, they all require a fair bit of involvement to get up to speed to start building interesting things. I believe in keeping things as simple and straight forward as possible, yet, feature rich. That is why I have built this framework.

What are it's main features?

Now public?

iTV.js has been developed behind closed doors until now but is already actively used by iTV professionals. This public launch is aimed at expanding the user base of this exciting new framework.

The first public release is available here: iTV.js v3.1.10

Stay tuned for more updates.